The aim of the 121 Platform is to make Cash & Voucher Assistance (CVA) easier, safer and faster, and to help people affected by disasters meet their own needs. This solution includes a portal to assist humanitarian organizations in running a safe CVA program, as well as an app for aid workers to efficiently validate registrations of people affected.

“Previously, it took up to one week to process a payment. With 121, making a payment can be done within minutes!” 

Berhanu W/yohannes, Finance and Grants Coordinator at EKHCDC 

Aid Worker App
Aid workers validate recipients

121 Portal
Head office manages cash programs

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use the 121 platform for?

In the current landscape of increased cash aid in global humanitarian efforts, digital solutions are crucial in preparedness, localization, emergency response and recovery actions. Our focus on human-centered design distinguishes us from other solutions and systems. Here’s how:

  • 121 platform offers the essential functionalities for delivering digital cash assistance at scale.
  • Learning to use the platform is easy with our standardized and simple user interface, catering to various digital proficiency levels.
  • Seamless execution of end-to-end CVA projects, excelling in data and financial management.
  • All actions, processes and data centralized in one unique instance, stored on the cloud and accessible anywhere with an Internet connection.
  • No additional hardware or ICT required to use the platform as all tools are digital, enabling the deployment of the instance within 1 week.
  • Swift deployment and integration make it ideal for emergency responses.
  • It integrates effortlessly with third-party tools for enhanced functionality.
  • Robust reporting systems ensure transparency, traceability and accountability to donors and foundations.
In what contexts can I use the 121 platform ?

The 121 platform is a digital CVA management solution that can be used in preparedness, localization, emergency response and recovery settings. Our platform is used by the Red Cross and Red Crescent National Societies, INGOs and local organizations that support cash and voucher assistance (CVA) programs to the most vulnerable as a result of disasters and conflict. This includes digital cash and vouchers distribution, bank wires and transfers, mobile money, prepaid cards and VISA cards.

Over the past years, our team has collaborated on a number of different CVA programs, delivering a swift response to support National Societies and organizations all around the globe. Below, you can read some case studies about programs in which our digital CVA solution, 121 platform, and CVA experts are actively supporting humanitarian efforts.

Would you like to assess if 121 platform could be a good solution for your CVA program management ? You can request advises to our team on

How can I contact the support team ?

We are available for online support from Monday to Friday between 8.00 and 18.00 CET. You can reach our team via email A dedicated WhatsApp group, or alternative mean of communication, can be set up upon availability and agreement.

Our support team consists of Cash IM practitioners with operational experience and expertise in CVA programs, as well as software and digital solutions professionals.

During emergency responses, it may be required to broaden our support hours to evenings and weekends. This can be discussed with our teams, on a case by case basis.