Written by Saskia Tdlohreg

When collaborating with Financial Service Providers (FSP) it might be challenging to oversee the process, especially when having to scale up. By using software-based integrations, often with the use of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), NGOs can now provide Cash-Based Aid (also  known as Cash based Voucher Assistance (CVA)) more efficiently and at scale. Setting up an integrated system with a FSP through the use of APIs for cash support has its challenges. It can be difficult to grasp the overall picture from a technical perspective. Moreover, when providing cash support, it can be strenuous to contemplate the maze of regulation. Finally, from a management standpoint, it can be demanding to oversee the entire process, to know what is required and when it is required. This case study is about setting up next level integration with service providers in the pilots in Kenya and The Netherlands alongside the contractual requirements that make such set-ups possible.

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