Turning forecasts and warnings from descriptions of what the weather will be into assessments of what the weather will do enables organizations and individuals across the world to anticipate and take action to mitigate the impacts brought by weather and climate events.

Releasing funds to vulnerable communities and individuals ahead of potentially devastating weather or climate events, enables anticipatory actions that save lives, livelihoods and property. 510 provides data and digital support towards the development of impact-based forecasting for floods, typhoons and droughts.

Impact Based Forecasting (IBF) is a process of collecting and integrating data to predict the impact of impending disasters on vulnerable people living in areas prone to these disasters.​

IBF enables anticipatory actions and revolutionizes the response to extreme weather and climate crises.

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“Anticipatory action is increasingly recognized as a key solution to reduce the impacts of climate change and extreme weather events.”

IFRC Operational Framework for Anticipatory Action 2021-2025