The Helpful Information as Aid web-App (HIA) is a source of information for people affected by disasters or crises. It provides information about services that the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement or other (local) aid organizations offer and/or provides answers to frequently asked questions.

HIA is easy to deploy, even without pre-existing infrastructure; the content is managed in a Google sheet, so that there are no technical skills needed to update the information; and it is very low cost.

In 2019, the first HIA product was designed with and for undocumented migrants living in the Netherlands. Since then, there have been multiple instances in different countries, for different target groups and in different emergency or program contexts. In some cases, the main target group is people affected themselves, whereas in other cases the main target group is Red Cross/Red Crescent staff and volunteers who directly communicate with people affected through digital channels (i.e., a WhatsApp helpdesk) or at physical locations (i.e., a Humanitarian Service Point).