When a disaster occurs, information is key for aid workers on the ground to take evidence-based decisions. Collecting, managing, and visualizing data is time consuming and often requires connectivity and tools that may not be available on the ground.

Surge Information Management Support (SIMS) provides remote assistance to operations with information products and data analysis. In addition, SIMS also serves as a network for information management coordination and capacity building, helping to improve information management standards, tools, and expertise across response operations.

SIMS is an IFRC-led network of trained specialists who develop, coordinate and implement information management systems for global Red Cross and Red Crescent disaster response operations. When a disaster occurs, SIMS is activated through the IFRC Disaster Crisis Management Surge Desk.
510 brings data experts to the SIMS network, helping operations leverage the power of mapping, data management and visualization tools to support decision making and enhance reporting. This includes the use of predictive analytics, as well as analysing disaster impact with satellite imagery.