Community Risk Assessment (CRA) is a dashboard that identifies and predicts the geographic areas that are most affected by a disaster. We build a dashboard that contains integrated data from many sources separated on all admin levels.​

We collect and integrate all relevant pre-disaster data sources on a detailed geographical level, focusing on indicators inspired by the INFORM risk-framework which contains three main components:​

1.Long-term Hazard Risk (based on historical events): e.g. flood and drought risk​
2. Vulnerability: e.g. poverty​
3.Lack of Coping Capacity: e.g. distance to the nearest hospital​

Having all this data readily available and easily accessible before a disaster strikes can save a lot of time. 510 collects and collates data on impact indicators using global, national, and local databases, as well as in-country data scrambles. Text mining of online news media enriches this data, fused with hazard data, for trigger model development and risk assessment validation.