Solid scientific research is integral to the success of humanitarian efforts as it provides an evidence-base and can drive innovation of established practices in this field through new discoveries. By engaging with students and collaborating with universities, 510 ensures access to the newest academic knowledge and actively solicits critical and fresh outside perspectives.

Research topics are formulated  within 510 in relation to project objectives and overall strategy. Their scoping is an iterative and interactive process among different stakeholders, especially 510 and universities, whereby the thematic advisors are key in defining research priorities for their themes, based on National Societies’ needs and ongoing project objectives. 

Main scientific disciplines:

  • Geosciences
  • Computer science
  • Technology, Policy and Management (multi-actor systems, information management, agent-based modelling)
  • Econometry, statistical sciences
  • Epidemiology
  • Social sciences

For questions about interning or conducting research with 510, please reach out to our Academic Lead Marc van den Homberg:

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