510 started in 2016 with a core team of 3 and never stopped growing. Currently, 510 has 108 team members of whom 72 professional volunteers.

“Our dedicated team of staff, professional volunteers, and research students are the backbone of our work. It’s incredible to see how many national societies together we have been able to support with improving their humanitarian operations.”

Maarten van der Veen (founder and team lead 510)

Our thematic coordinators

Anticipatory Action:

Service coordinators: Bouke Pieter Ottow and Aklilu Teklesadik
Product manager: Blaise Selvan
Advisor: Marc van den Homberg

Cash and Voucher Assistance:

Service coordinator: Angelina Savchuk
Product manager: Tijs Ziere
Advisor: Fernando Suarez Jimenez

Community Engagement and Accountability:

Service coordinator: Daan Gorsse
Advisor: Jonath Lijftogt

Emergency Support:

Service coordinators: Jacopo Margutti and Heleen Elenbaas
Product manager: Blaise Selvan

Water and Landscape:

Service coordinator: Marijke Panis

Research Collaborations:
Academic Lead: Marc van den Homberg