The Data Playbook is ready! Together with the help of 100s of Red Cross Red Crescent staff, volunteers and partners, the Data Playbook launches its first version.

The Data Playbook is 120 exercises, games, scenarios, slides and checklists to assist you and your National Society on your data journey. The social learning content is designed for teams to have discussions and activities across the data lifecycle in short 30 minute to 1 hour sessions.

National Societies are providing humanitarian services to people affected. Some of the common global challenges and main trends are recognized in the IFRC’s Strategy 2030. Going through a digital transformation will help national societies to achieve their goals, by providing increasing speed, quality, effectiveness, accountability and transparency of their humanitarian services. The Data Playbook can help you do that with its adaptable design for your team and programmatic work across the data lifecycle.

“The Playbook provides creative, practical ways for teams to integrate data literacy skills-building into their day-to-day-work – Katie Lily, Data Playbook module editor, Information Manager, American Red Cross”

How to get it
The V1 is available in both PDF and Editable formats to tailor and adapt to fit your teams need. You can download the whole Playbook or specific modules to get started.
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The Data Playbook V1 is a collaborative network-centered effort between the International Federation of the Red Cross Red Crescent’s (IFRC) Digital Transformation Team, Solferino Academy, American Red Cross, and IFRC’s Global Disaster Preparedness Center. 510, the Data & Digital initiative of the Netherlands Red Cross has been an ongoing supporter and contributor to the development of the Data Playbook V1. Many of the 510 staff and volunteers attended numerous design sprints where they have been able to share lessons and challenges with the Data Playbook core team as well as edit the final version of the content. The Data Playbook V1 will have a new product owner in the IFRC Digital Transformation Team, Melissa El Hamouch, who will be rolling out and implementing the Data Playbook. Melissa is also a part-time member of 510, where she supports the 510 team to scale up data and digital trainings.

“The value of the Data Playbook is its adaptability; it is designed to fit your need and your context. Collaborating on this creative journey with numerous contributors has been enlightening. I was able to understand their data literacy challenges and worked closely with many of them on developing content that takes their humanitarian experiences into account – Melissa El Hamouch, Data Playbook V1 Co-editor”

Solferino Academy warmly thanks the Data Playbook team, Module Editors, Contributors (Beta and V1), the Global Disaster Preparedness Center and their Donors. You can learn more about the Data Playbook journey in these blog posts.

The Data Playbook is an evolving network of contributors. If you are using the playbook in your National Society programs and /or implementing a digital transformation plan, please get in touch with the team –